Picture yourself taking the cruise of a lifetime, accompanied by cruising-instructors and a vessel that will allow your sailing skills to flourish.

Kurt and Anita offer cruising and sailing enthusiasts the opportunity to sail in comfort and safety in waters you will never forget on their well maintained and cherished Hallberg-Rassy 43, i dolci.

By choosing our Active Cruising program you can:
• explore and discover sailing destinations beyond your reach
• start sailing or navigating as a novice, or just sail away and relax
• improve your sailing or skippering skills via a personalized program
• appreciate a private and personalized active cruising program on a fine and comfortable Hallberg-Rassy 43 yacht,
skippered by at least one certified skipper/sea-sailing instructor.

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Our mission :

Offering our guests a memorable active cruising experience in comfort and safety, taking into account wind, waves and their wishes!

Enabling our guests to discover and explore the challenging British, French, Belgian, Dutch… waters, their spectacular islands and coastlines, as well as remote or historical locations while sailing on a comfortable sailing yacht.

Offering our guests their own front cabin with toilet, shower and lavatory in a reliable, durable, very comfortable and fully-equipped Hallberg-Rassy 43 yacht, accompanied by one or two certified skippers/instructors. Both love to bond over their love for sailing while exchanging stories and insights.

Anita and Kurt will build a personalized program for each individual. They will answer any questions you might have, being dedicated to supporting a great active-cruising experience.

Who are we ?

Kurt started sailing early in his childhood, whereas Anita took up sailing later. This happened thanks to Kurt, who kept on encouraging Anita to start sailing. He did so by taking Anita out on a sailing boat every now and then. Finally, Anita decided to learn to sail by attending several sailing schools, which served to enrich her practical and theoretical knowledge.
Taking the opportunity to join Anita right from the start, Kurt’s skills continued to develop as well. In retrospect, it seems they were destined to become passionate sailors and sea-sailing instructors!

As a result of pursuing a shared passion, we have both become commercially-endorsed RYA Yachtmasters Offshore and RYA cruising instructors, while we have also been working in Belgian sailing schools as certified sea-sailing instructors since 2011.

After multiple charter experiences, in 2013 we decided to complete the actual charter market with a new and attractive commercial proposition for sailing and cruising on a very fine Hallberg-Rassy 342.

Later, in March 2018, we acquired the very fine Hallberg-Rassy 43 MK1 and we launched the “active cruising in comfort and safety” – program. This means we offer our guests not only more comfort and privacy (find out more : The Yacht ) but we also build personalized sailing experiences : “active cruising”. (find out more: Active Cruising)

Kurt and Anita on their shared love for sailing:

Kurt: I already loved sailing as a young boy. When I found out that Anita also enjoyed sailing I took her regularly out on sailing yachts, hoping she finally would love sailing as well.”

Anita: Until 2007, I didn’t have much experience with sailing. Oh yes, Kurt regularly organized sailing trips for the both of us. He also liked telling stories about his earlier challenging experiences; the wonderful places there are out there you would only visit by sailing boat; as well as about the helpful, friendly and gentle people he’s always met…

foto van Kurt tijdens het zeilen.
Foto Anita met sextant.

Kurt and Anita: We both love sailing towards a destination in a comfortable and safe way. In fact, what we love is the combination of sharing, being active while sailing and reaching an interesting destination. We call it the “active cruising” way of life. You want to know more about it ? (See link Active Cruising)


From 2008 onwards, we both became very passionate about enhancing our sailing expertise. With every possible holiday or weekend, you could find us either at sea or in a classroom. End of 2010, we started to take lessons in order to become sea-sailing instructors ourselves.

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In line with Belgian and international regulations there are very strict rules for yacht and skipper when paying guests are on board. Skyline Sailing want to comply to those rules and go beyond when it comes to safety.

Regarding the certificates we are :
– Instructor Sea Sailing (‘Zeezeilen – Vlaamse Vaarschool’), since 2011
– RYA Yachtmaster Offshore, commercially endorsed
– RYA Cruising instructor
– Master Commercial Yachting STCW, which includes several STCW workshops regarding safety at sea:

o First Aid,
o Medical Care
o Advanced meteorological courses
o Personal Survival Techniques
o Safety Training and Security Awareness,
o Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting.