Active Cruising : Learning and/or gaining expertise

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► You will be involved in the cruising and sailing experience as much as you like, taking into account your skills and abilities. Remember, the number of guests on the I dolci HR 43 remains at a maximum of 2 people. This ensures individual and private follow-up AND plenty of opportunities to practice.

…‘learning and gaining expertise’:

You can rely on our tutor and coaching skills. We will help and support you on your way to becoming a more experienced sailor and skipper through a personalized program.

Based on your specific skills and learning ambitions, the program could contain the following elements:

• Active participation (adjusting the sails [basic sail trim], keeping a look out at sea, collision avoidance, giving assistance while harbour manoeuvers…)
• Improving your practical sailing skills (preparing a vessel for sea, wind awareness, sailing upwind and downwind, tacking and gybing, steering compass course, etc.)
• Active participation in or execution of the practical navigational tasks (passage planning preparation and execution, pilotage preparation and execution, calculating depths, course to steer, etc.)
• A real Skipper training program. If you have your own fine yacht or you intend to buy one soon, and you want to acquire or improve your skipper skills, then this is the right program for you. Depending on your “sailing history and experience” and/or your “attended theoretical courses or examinations”, we propose a dedicated program containing theoretical elements if requested!
Of course, if theoretical recaps are requested, this will consume some of your time onboard, leading to less time on the other aspects of “active cruising”.

So, in short, for the learning and experience-building elements, you can rely on our tutor and coaching skills! We will help and support you on your way to becoming a more experienced sailor and skipper.

Anita, for example, together with the racing experts of the Vlaamse Vaarschool, created the course “spinnaker for beginners”.
This full half-day course consists of an overview of “what you should know” elements delivered in a classroom, together with a practical “how to do – on a sail simulator”. However, spinnakers are always used by racers. Instead, there are very nice cruising chutes that can be safely used by the active cruisers!
We would be very glad to share this knowledge with you!
Of course, for the “how to do – on a sail simulator”, a departure or arrival in Nieuwpoort is mandatory.
Mastering the “cruising chute” at sea allows you to make way by sail when others are using the engine!

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