Active Cruising : Experience Safe “Two-on-Board” Cruising…

Safe 2 on board sailing.

► Sailing is a wonderful and rewarding pastime, as long as you keep a primary focus on safety.
If you join i dolci as “2 sailing partners”, we will focus on all the aspects of “Two-on-Board” cruising situations that need to be mastered to keep cruising safely.
Even if one person is much more experienced than the other, we will teach and practice with both of you individually AND as “sailing partners”. This allows you to grow together in skill and confidence!

…‘Experience Safe “Two-on-Board” cruising’:

Relying on our personal evolution as a sailing couple, together with our tutor and coaching skills, we will help and support you on your way to becoming a more experienced “Two on Board”!

Depending on the skills and confidence level of each individual, we build a personalized program.

This program focuses on teamwork and could contain the following elements:

• what if my sailing partner falls overboard?
• what if my experienced sailing partner has lost his/her ability to steer/navigate?
• what if sailing conditions deteriorate?
• how to reduce stress level while berthing?
• …plus any specific requests you may have?

So for the experience of safe “Two-on-Board” Cruising’, you can rely on our broad experience as a sailing couple and as practiced instructors! We will help and support you on your way to becoming more confident and experienced sailing partners!

For instance, we are happy to share the knowledge from Anita’s own ‘Women Only’ program, organized in collaboration with the Vlaamse Vaarschool. This program is aimed at supporting the less-experienced “boat owner-partners” in case of an emergency aboard or while arriving or leaving the harbor ! Anyone at sea should master these basic skills and techniques in case of emergency.

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