Active cruising in comfort and safety …

active cruising in comfort

If you’re new to sailing, don’t be put off by footage of Olympians trying to win a medal. We’re not in a race nor in the navy.
Skyline Sailing wants their guests to feel relaxed and stress-free on their active cruising voyage. This is why your sailing program is based on individual ability, allowing you to grow at your own pace or just to relax. As a cruising-passionate sailing couple, we are looking to sail in a safe and comfortable manner!

…‘Active cruising in comfort’:

The exclusive front cabin suite in the HR 43 model is offering our guests privacy and a private bathroom with an electrically-operated toilet and shower.

Guests from all over the world are welcome. Some of you therefore might have to make a considerable journey. To make transporting your luggage easier, we organize fresh bedding, including a duvet & duvet cover, pillow & pillowcase, and towels.

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