Active cruising in safety …

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Are you interested in sailing but feel in the dark over many of the safety aspects?
With Skyline Sailing, we offer extensive safety measures and your well-being is paramount to every decision we make. Kurt and Anita both have the required certification to offer “commercial yachting experiences”, as does the yacht.

To us, safety is of utmost importance and demonstrated by several key aspects.

Passage planning: we continuously monitor weather forecasts, adjusting our plans accordingly if required. When wind or waves are not favorable, we do not embark for the open sea but stay in a sheltered place (marina or anchorage), giving us the opportunity to go exploring ashore or do some practical passage-planning exercises/preparations for the coming days.
Safety equipment: for all guests, we make sure there are very comfortable lifejackets on board, equipped with PLB locators, lifelines and jackstays – plus, we have 2 sets of Epirb and 2 4-person life rafts (equipped for a stay of more than 24h).
Maintenance of the yacht: as the status in which the yacht is maintained is crucial for the safety of each journey, we schedule an annual full and preventive maintenance besides the daily follow ups. Each winter I dolci is lifted out the water and kept sheltered in order to facilitate winter-maintenance.

We love to build a unique experience for each of our guests
taking into account Wind, Waves and Wishes.
This is also why we are happy to take a very limited number of guests on board.
And, as a convinced sailing couple, we are eager to share all our cruising experiences !

So, if you have any questions concerning a program, just shoot.