Active Cruising in comfort and safety

We’ll tailor a sailing experience that allows for furthering your own skills, either as an individual or as a couple.
Your “Active cruising in comfort and safety” program will be both private and personalized, taking into account wind, waves and your wishes.

Find out more about “our key” to your “high-value experience” by visiting the tabs below all explaining what active cruising in comfort and safety is all about:

and/or gaining expertise


Experience safe
‘two on board’ cruising

Safe 2 on board sailing.

and Discovery experiences


Active cruising
in comfort


Acive cruising
in safety


We love to build a unique experience for each of our guests
taking into account Wind, Waves and Wishes

This is also why we are happy to take a very limited number of guests on board
And, as a convinced sailing couple, we are eager to share all our cruising experiences!