i dolci HR 342&tekst&kader
i dolci HR 43&tekst&kader2

We are updating the program of 2018!

And this because :
We are proud to announce that we successfully finalized the negotiation of the acquisition of the Hallberg-Rassy 43 (hull number 93) end march 2018!
We offered our guests, who confirmed sailing with us in 2018, an upgrade from a HR342 towards a HR43.
Giving the fact that Anita has to go through a revalidation program recovering from a leg fracture, the original 2018 itinerary has been adapted, and we are actually updating the program for 2018 with i dolci HR43!

Meanwhile we are building the 2019 itinerary, which will definitely go beyond the North Sea Channel (f.ex. Ireland, Scotland…) !
If you do have any interest or request for a personalized sailing / active cruising experience, be it a short trip or a 7-days leg, please do not hesitate to contact us!

As for information you find hereafter the initial program for 2018,
which was very similar as the program in 2017.
In 2019 we plan to go beyond the North Sea channel (f.ex. Ireland, Scotland…)
If you want to be kept up to date, please leave us your contact details via the “contact us” tab !

We plan also 2 short trips :