The West Country

kaart the English Channel with The West Country on top.

The English Channel with The West Country on top.(Navionics Nautical Charts)

Find out more about the glamourous history of British Navy and merchant fleet, discover the shoreline with World Heritage Status, whales, dolphins, porpoises, fossils at the Jurassic coast, delicious seafood….


The warm Gulfstream brings a pleasant climate and lush greenery.

Nieuwpoort – Salcombe : 240 NM.


Example of itinerary : Nieuwpoort – Boulogne – Cherbourg – Guernsey – Salcombe


Circumnavigation in The West Country

Challenging passage planning!


Challenge : sailing to the Isles of Scilly in settled conditions.

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Dart river entrance The West Country first.

The West Country, typical cottage at the Dart River entrance. – S&B

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